We At kontrast brought variety of dishes from North Indian Punjabi Kitchen. You can enjoy the warmth of Punjabi cuisine with a variety of beverages. Our food is alot like Punjabis- Rich, Robust and full of life. Bold textures, Heartly ingredients and Punjab's earthly heritage of lush green fields makes our cuisine alot more nutritious, flavorful and is perhaps the most colorful of all cuisines in India. Its Said People eat to live but we Punjabi's live to eat. We are known for delicious, spicy and butter laden food .

Möllevångstorget 6B, 21 424 Malmö
Phone 040 303313

Today's Lunch Menu

           Dagens Lunch 

                    80 kr


Välj två valfria rätter

Sallad, ris, halvt naan bröd, kaffe ingår.



    1. Chicken Karahi (Lök, vitlök, ingefära, bockhornsklöver)

    2. Murgh Makhni (Smör, yoghurt, grädde, garam masala kokos)



     3. Beef Jalfrezi (vitlök, paprika, lök, yoghurt)



     4. Tofu Karahi (Lök, vitlök, ingefära, bockhornsklöver)

     5.  Rajma (Curry med röda kidneybönor)

     6. Aloo Mutter (Potatis, ärtor)



                    Extra Ris                      15 kr

                    Extra Curry                  25 kr

                    Naan/Vitlöksnaan      20/30k r

                    Mango Lassi                30 kr





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